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Everything You Need to Know About a Wedding Sand Ceremony

Soon-to-be-married couples these days are opting for more modern methods of tying the knot such as choosing to have a wedding sand ceremony instead of the conventional unity candle lighting ceremony. What typically takes place in a unity candle lighting ceremony is that the bride and the groom will first light their respective candles, which is the smaller ones, and then will be lighting together a much bigger candle to mean that they are united as one.

On the other hand, when it comes to a wedding sand ceremony, the couple will still be reciting their unity only that they will no longer be lighting a unity pillar candle but will be making use of wedding ceremonial sand. Unity sand sets are slowly becoming popular among couples who want to get married for a lot of reasons, the first one being that they will be having their weddings outdoors and it may be windy outside letting them have a hard time sustaining the candle being lit. If you are familiar with sand art, then you should know that a wedding sand ceremony takes place where both the bride and the groom will be pouring their sand in another container to serve as a reminder of their being one and a remembrance of their special wedding day.

Right after your wedding is finished, you can then have this wedding ceremony sand be put in display that will serve as one of the bottled memories that you have of saying I do to the person that you cherish the most and have decided to spend the rest of your life with.

If you get a unity sand set, you should expect to have a two small vases or tubes and a large glass vase. What happens during the wedding ceremony is that the mothers of both bride and groom will be filling with sand the tow small glass vases or tubes and will place them beside the large glass vase. When it comes to wedding ceremony sands, couples have the liberty to be choosing what colors they want to have; oftentimes, they choose the color of their motif or their favorite colors and sometimes, they also make sure to choose white.

Things that must be done during a wedding sand ceremony

At the start of the wedding, it will be the officiant who will be pouring down the white sand into the large glass vase to mean that faith of the couple in their relationship. After that, the groom will start pouring a small amount of his own sand into the main glass vase. The groom must stop in his pouring to give room for the bride to pour her colored sand into the main vase.

The bride and groom will then take turns pouring in their colored sand. If both of them will almost empty their colored sands, it is then time for them to pour both colored sands altogether to finish their unity ceremony.

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